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Once you really get into the swing of having a plant collection, you start to realise that there are some jobs that cannot be accomplished with just your bare hands. Be it for pollinating, propagating or watering, some plants need a bit more care than others when it comes to daily maintenance. Some tasks can only be accomplished with careful use of specialised equipment.

In this Shop category, you’ll find everything you need to successfully manage your plant collection like a professional. We offer everything from grow lights to anti-UV grow-room glasses, heating pads and much more. Are you ready to up your plant-parent game? Then this is the category for you!

Want to learn more about how to best utilise the plant care tools you have at your disposal? Be sure to check out our Learn section dedicated to accessories, for some insightful knowledge gained from our personal experiences using these in our nursery and personal collections with specific plants, and in combination with various soil mixes.

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