Cymbidium orchid pot

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Cymbidium orchid pots have long been popular for a multitude of orchid species, and have been specifically designed with those plants in mind. Keeping in mind that these plants need good airflow, we tested these pots for succulents and found that they work exceptionally well. They have plenty of drainage slits in the bottom of the pot, and are tall to allow plenty of space for root growth. There are also slits in the side of the pot if one wants to use them as a hanging basket for vining plants or string plants. Currently available in black.

Suitable for:
These pots particularly suit plant varieties with long or thick roots that prefer plentiful drainage and airy growing conditions. It is ideal as a pot for string plants like String of Turtles (Peperomia prostrata) or String of Hearts (Ceropegia woodii), but also suits large growing Haworthia and some dwarf Aloe species.


Measurements: Base diameter (80mm), top diameter (150mm), height (210mm)

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Most nurseries, hardware stores and some plastic shops should offer shade cloth. Generally, buying it from an agricultural store that supplies the farming industry will be a bit cheaper.

Take a good potting soil or compost, sift thoroughly to remove any clumps or foreign material. Add 40% - 60% drainage material i.e. pumice, perlite, stones, etc. The soil mixes we offer are filled with components that give them strong drainage, and we highly recommend them as a good starting point to learn how soil mixes should work.

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Baie dankie vir my plante! Was vinnig hier en baie goeie kondisie. Sal verseker weer by LDP koop en hul aanbeveel!

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