Gymnocalycium anisitsii f. cristata

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Where it grows

The non-crested natural form of Gymnocalycium anisitii is native to South America, specifically to Bolivia.

Special features

This unique Gymnocalycium has a stem that contorts in on itself along the central growth point, giving it a jagged appearance. These particular specimens have a clamshell-like shape with the crest appearing neatly across the center of the plant.

Care Guide

Gymnocalycium is an easy cactus to care for, though care should be taken to not expose the crested form to frost. This plant can handle full morning sun, and will enjoy a sunny spot in a cactus greenhouse. Plant it in a gritty and well-aerated soil mix that allows for free drainage of water. Water it well in the spring and summer growing season, but keep dry in winter. Do not water on top of the stem, as any water stuck in the crested portion will cause stem rot.

Growing season

Spring and summer.


Stem cuttings.

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Product FAQS

A chlorophyll deficiency which results in a lack of green pigment.

A mutation in the growth point which results in the plant growing sideways rather than upwards.

Yes, just because they generally occur in deserts, does not mean they don’t need water. Water is typically increased in the growing season.

Yes, all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti.

- Elza N

Pragtige gesonde plante ontvang. Almal is met groot sorg verpak. Baie dankie!

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