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Cresting and variegation are rare plant mutations.

At Living Desert Plants, we specialise in the weird and the wonderful of the succulent world. Nothing exemplifies this more than the two rarest mutations one can find in plants: cresting and variegation. 

We primarily stock variegated plants, and have a wide range available, with a focus on Aeonium, Crassula, Echeveria, Haworthia and cacti as a whole. We also have a few crested specimens, and even some plants with both mutations.

Cresting, also called fasciation, is a mutation of the apical meristem (or growing point) of the plant that causes wide, horizontal growth forms. Variegation is a mutation of the chlorophyll-producing chloroplasts that causes a variety of colours to replace the normal green, including white, yellow, orange, red and sometimes even black. These deviations from the norm create individual plants that are not only beautiful, but entirely unique. No two plants with these forms are identical, which makes them sought after centrepieces for any succulent or cactus collection.

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Aeonium ‘Super ...

'Super Bang' is dark brown in colour with leaf margins lined with golden-yellow variegation.

R250 incl. VAT

Graptoveria ‘Mrs. ...

This Graptopetalum x Echeveria hybrid is an attractive pink and blue colouration with a petite rosette shape.

R250 incl. VAT

Brains cactus – ...

Mammillaria elongata f. cristata, otherwise known as the 'brains cactus'. Brains cacti form compact ridges of contorted, overlapping stems which give these plants the appearance of a human brain.

R120 incl. VAT

Gymnocalycium baldianum f. ...

This Gymnocalycium baldianum has attractive lime-yellow variegation covering most of its stem surface, with a few paint-like blotches of green chlorophyll.

R850 incl. VAT

Aeonium ‘Bronze ...

'Bronze Medal', also known as 'Green Tea', is an Aeonium hybrid with mottled green leaves lined by white to yellow variegation on the leaf margins.

R150 incl. VAT

Aeonium ‘Fiesta’

'Fiesta' is an Aeonium cultivar with marginated variegation on its leaves. The chlorophyll turns an almost black colour when given enough light. Grows into a large branching shrub over time.

R150 incl. VAT

Aeonium ‘Pink ...

'Pink Witch' is an attractive Aeonium cultivar that becomes a pink colour with red tinges if given enough light.

R400 incl. VAT

Haworthia retusa f. variegata

This Haworthia has attractive white variegation on much of its leaf surface, contrasting well with its normal dark green chlorophyll.

R150 incl. VAT

Aloe arborescens f. variegata

Aloe arborescens is a large shrub-forming species that produces plenty of offshoots. It makes orange flowers. This plant has yellow and white variegation.

R250 incl. VAT

Delosperma echinatum f. ...

The 'pickle plant' has rounded, pickle-like leaves. It is covered in fine 'hair', which are known as cilia. These particular specimens are variegated.

R100 incl. VAT

Haworthia ‘Miho’

Haworthia 'Miho' is a variegated Haworthia maughanii hybrid cultivar, with striking yellow and white variegation that strongly contrasts the green chlorophyll.

R1,500 incl. VAT

Haworthiopsis ‘Marble ...

This Haworthiopsis koelmaniorum hybrid has attractive tubercles or spots covering its leaves, and almost resembles a Tulista species in appearance.

R200 incl. VAT

Crassula ovata ...

Crassula ovata mutation with curved leaves resembling tubes or trumpets. This specific plant is covered in white and silver variegation.

R100 incl. VAT

Dorstenia foetida f. variegata

It is a caudex succulent plant that can grow up to 40cm tall. These particular specimens are variegated, with yellow, paint-like markings on the leaves.

R250 incl. VAT

Agave victoria-reginae ...

The 'Queen Victoria' Agave is a small, compact succulent with triangular shaped leaves growing in an almost crown-like shape, hence its name. It has white striations running down every leaf, giving it a geometric appearance. These specific plants have yellow variegation on the left and right thirds of the leaves, with normal green chlorophyll only appearing in the middle.

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