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Succulents have evolved as a highly specialized group of plants, developing thickened and enlarged roots, stems, or leaves. These adaptations enable succulent plants to store water in dry climates, such as arid deserts. Their capacity to thrive in such conditions makes them a favored choice in drought-resistant or water-wise gardens. This is particularly true in regions like South Africa, which occasionally face water restrictions.

Nature hosts several thousand species of succulent plants across approximately 60 different families. Cultivation has also produced tens of thousands more hybrids and cultivars.


Explore our succulent collection in this Shop category, where we curate a range of these water-storing plants to celebrate their diversity and allure. From iconic species to rare cultivars, we meticulously nurture a wide selection of succulents, each possessing its own unique charm.

Whether your preference leans toward the striking geometry of Echeveria or the rugged beauty of Haworthia, our collection caters to all styles, budgets, and preferences.

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Agave titanota ‘Solar ...

Smaller specimens of Agave titanota 'Solar Eclipse'.

R650 incl. VAT

Aeonium ‘Zeus’

Large specimens of Aeonium 'Zeus'.

R450 incl. VAT

Haworthia springbokvlakensis

Seedlings of Haworthia springbokvlakensis.

R150 incl. VAT

Albuca spiralis

Seed grown bulbs of Albuca spiralis.

R200 incl. VAT

Haworthia parksiana

Haworthia parksiana is the smallest Haworthia species yet discovered. It is dark green in colour, with small spines over portions of its leaf surfaces.

R150 incl. VAT

Echeveria prolifica f. ...

LDP propagated specimens of Echeveria prolifica f. variegata.

R100 incl. VAT

Gibbaeum pilosulum

The Poortfontein form of Gibbaeum pilosulum.

R160 incl. VAT

Lithops optica v. rubra

Small seedlings of Lithops optica v. rubra grown from seed by LDP.

R100 incl. VAT

Haworthia groenewaldii

This attractive Haworthia with rounded leaves is closely related to Haworthia mutica. The leaf windows also have an attractive 'shark-skin' texture.

R200 incl. VAT

Haworthia groenewaldii

Mature specimens of Haworthia groenewaldii.

R350 incl. VAT

Haworthia groenewaldii f. ...

Haworthia groenewaldii seedling with mild white variegation.

R300 incl. VAT

Haworthia picta

Haworthia picta seedlings with intense white spots.

R250 incl. VAT

Haworthia maughanii

Seed grown specimens of Haworthia maughanii.

R250 incl. VAT

Haworthia variegata

Seed grown plants of Haworthia variegata.

R80 incl. VAT

Haworthia cooperi v. venusta

Seed grown specimens of Haworthia cooperi v. venusta.

R200 incl. VAT

Haworthia complex hybrid

Haworthia hybrid seedling with rough leaf texture and white colouration.

R150 incl. VAT

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