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Succulents have evolved as a highly specialized group of plants, developing thickened and enlarged roots, stems, or leaves. These adaptations enable succulent plants to store water in dry climates, such as arid deserts. Their capacity to thrive in such conditions makes them a favored choice in drought-resistant or water-wise gardens. This is particularly true in regions like South Africa, which occasionally face water restrictions.

Nature hosts several thousand species of succulent plants across approximately 60 different families. Cultivation has also produced tens of thousands more hybrids and cultivars.


Explore our succulent collection in this Shop category, where we curate a range of these water-storing plants to celebrate their diversity and allure. From iconic species to rare cultivars, we meticulously nurture a wide selection of succulents, each possessing its own unique charm.

Whether your preference leans toward the striking geometry of Echeveria or the rugged beauty of Haworthia, our collection caters to all styles, budgets, and preferences.

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Tulista marginata

Tulista marginata is quite an attractive species in this genus, with smooth leaf surfaces and a white, raised ridge on the leaf edges.

R700 incl. VAT

Tulista marginata v. mortonii

Tulista marginata v. mortonii is a relatively unknown variety of Tulista. It is similar in appearance to Tulista marginata, but is darker in colour.

R150 incl. VAT

Tulista opalina GM718B

Tulista opalina is one of the most attractive Tulista species, with densely speckled, translucent-white tubercles and light green colour.

R450 incl. VAT

Tulista minima

This Tulista species is the smallest in the genus. It has densely flecked white tubercles and light green leaves. It is also known as Tulista minor.

R150 incl. VAT

Tulista pumila ...

This Tulista cultivar has intensely tubercled leaves, with most of the leaf surface being covered in these white ‘spots’. The tubercles sometimes coalesce together and may make odd shapes, or even symbols if you use your imagination.

R300 incl. VAT

Tulista pumila

Tulista pumila is the most widespread of this genus. It is a large grower, with attractive, protruding white tubercles covering most of its leaves.

R80 incl. VAT

Tulista kingiana

Tulista kingiana is an attractive lime green colour with faded, almost ghostly tubercles (spots). It is a large growing species.

R100 incl. VAT

Haworthia truncata f. ...

This particular Haworthia truncata is quite well variegated, with plenty of golden yellow colouration across most of its leaves.

R2,500 incl. VAT

Lithops dorothea

Lithops dorothea has attractive dark-brown and red markings on its leaf windows. The stem itself is a mild light gray-green in colour.

R100 incl. VAT

Haworthia ...

'Ukukhanya' is a South African hybrid cultivar with attractive, cloudy leaf colouration and intriguing markings. Its name means 'light and shine' in Zulu.

R150 incl. VAT

Haworthia truncata f. crassa

This Haworthia truncata is an intermediate form between Haworthia truncata and Haworthia maughanii, with distichous growth form and round leaf shape.

R350 incl. VAT

Haworthia pygmaea ...

This Haworthia pygmaea cultivar sports snow white 'hairy' filaments all over the leaf surfaces, giving it an attractive frosty appearance.

R300 incl. VAT

Haworthia lockwoodii

This odd Haworthia species has elongated, lime-green leaves. In nature during the dry season, the leaf tips shrivel and make the plant appear dead.

R200 incl. VAT

Haworthia emelyae v. major

This species is covered in fine translucent bristles, and has a compact, star-shaped growth form and attractive lines.

R150 incl. VAT

Haworthia decipiens

This Haworthia has attractive, web-like hairs on its leaf edges. It resembles H. arachnoidea, but its spines are much larger and spaced further apart.

R150 incl. VAT

Haworthia cooperi v. truncata ...

This strange variety of Haworthia cooperi has chunky, rounded leaves that resemble grapes.

R120 incl. VAT

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