How to care for Aeonium succulents

How to care for Aeonium succulents

Aeonium, commonly known as the tree houseleeks, is a varied genus of succulents generally indigenous to the Canary Islands. They also occur in Morocco, and some areas of East Africa. This blog will provide a brief guide on the best ways to care for Aeonium succulents.

Light intensity

Aeonium should be protected from some of the sun’s harshness. They prefer morning and evening sun, but might be damaged by the heat during mid-day.

In cultivation, they should therefore be kept under no more than 50% shade cloth. This encourages stronger colouration and a more compact growth form while preventing sun damage. If they are being kept outdoors, but not in a greenhouse, then full morning sun is suitable.

Soil medium

Aeonium are not fussy plants when it comes to soil mixes. They will survive in pretty much any mix that drains well. To get them to thrive, plant your Aeonium in a well-drained coco-peat based mixture. You can add some perlite to assist with drainage. These plants prefer organic mixes as their roots are quite fine, and do not fare well in overly gritty mixes.


Aeonium can be watered year-round, though care should be taken to let the soil dry out somewhat in summer. You can keep the soil somewhat moist in winter, but not completely wet.

Growing season

In cultivation, Aeonium have a rather long growing season, stretching from autumn until mid-spring. They do however slow down during the peaks of summer and winter, when it is either too hot or cold.

Frost resistance

Aeonium do not tolerate frost well, as their leaves are quite thin. Make sure to cover your plants in frost netting or keep them indoors during the coldest parts of winter.

Propagating Aeonium

Aeonium is easy to propagate from stem cuttings. Only take cuttings in autumn and spring. Cuttings will not root well in mid-winter or summer.

Simply use a sterilized sharp knife to remove a cutting from the main stem. Make sure it is at least one third of the size of the main ‘head’ of the plant before removing it, otherwise it may struggle to survive. Let this cutting air dry for three weeks. It should begin to produce aerial roots on its own. Plant the cuttings in the same soil as the mother plant.

- Mona R

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