Learn about succulents

Studying succulents

Adapt or die is the succulent plant motto, tough and tremendously rewarding to grow.

Succulents are a highly specialised group of plants with thickened and enlarged roots, stems or leaves. These are adaptations which evolved to help the plants store water in dry climates, like arid deserts. This can make them tricky to grow, though, as they are completely unlike a typical houseplant. They may need more light and less water than what you’re used to!

In this Learn section, we discuss our experiences cultivating our absolute favourite group of plants, and share our knowledge on best practices for growing them effectively. We discuss everything from southern African indigenous Haworthia and Gasteria to exotic epiphytes like ‘string of hearts’ (Ceropegia woodii).

If you would like to learn how to care for your succulents, identify the name of a new plant in your collection, or perhaps just learn something new about these ‘vetplante’ (fat plants), then have a read through our blog.


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