LDP Super Drainage Mix

R70 incl. VAT

What it’s made of

This potting soil medium consists of a mixture of 1:1:1 Ibaraki Akadama, Hyuga Pumice, and Perlite, with some added extra special ingredients to make your plants grow well.

What it’s made for

The Living Desert Plants Super Drainage Mix is a tried and tested potting soil medium used primarily for all cactus and mesemb species, as well as Haworthia, Gasteria, Pseudolithos, and any other water-sensitive species.


Sold in single bags of 600-650 grams or 1.5 liters.

Weight of individual bags my fluctuate somewhat due to the lightweight nature of perlite.


Scoops and pots not included.

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Product FAQS

Most nurseries, hardware stores and some plastic shops should offer shade cloth. Generally, buying it from an agricultural store that supplies the farming industry will be a bit cheaper.

Take a good potting soil or compost, sift thoroughly to remove any clumps or foreign material. Add 40% - 60% drainage material i.e. pumice, perlite, stones, etc. The soil mixes we offer are filled with components that give them strong drainage, and we highly recommend them as a good starting point to learn how soil mixes should work.

- Santa B

My bestelling wat ek by Living Desert Plants geplaas het is vinnig en met groot sorg hanteer. Vinnige en vriendelike diens. Selfs meer as een navraag van LDP ontvang om uit te vind of die pakkie gearriveer het.

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