Spiny and spectacular

Cactus plants are American-made, but thrive under the African sun.

Not all succulents are cacti, but all cacti are succulents! Cacti (or cactuses) are spiny succulents, and there are approximately 1750 different species divided into 127 genera, of which all but one species is native to the continental Americas. 

In this Shop category, Living Desert Plants offers a range of cacti, including famous plants like Echinopsis pachanoi (San Pedro cactus), Lophophora williamsii (Peyote), and Gymnocalycium mihanovichii (Chin cactus), or rare cultivars like Astrophytum ‘Kikko’ and Astrophytum ‘Fukuryu’. We also have a few mutant plants, including variegated, crested and even monstrose cacti. If you are looking for a cactus that is out of the ordinary, then this is the place to find it!

We love cacti because of the wide variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. Every plant is unique in its own way, and there is a species or cultivar that will suit anyone’s taste, even if you don’t like spines!

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Monkey’s Tail cactus ...

The Cleistocactus colademononis, commonly known as the Monkey's Tail cactus, has attractive red flowers in summer, and soft white spines mixed with harder yellow thorns. It makes an excellent hanging-basket plant once mature. These cuttings were grown in full sun and have plenty of white spines / hair covering most of the yellow spines. They have large, bright red flowers in spring and summer.

R200 incl. VAT

Lophophora jourdaniana ...

This plant is considered by some to be a subvariety of Lophophora williamsii, or a hybrid of Lophophora williamsii and Lophophora fricii.

R1,450 incl. VAT

Matucana madisoniorum

This dark-green, globular cactus has attractively shaped fissures in the stem, giving it a geometric appearance. 

R350 incl. VAT

Astrophytum asterias

This hybrid of Astrophytum 'Super Kabuto' has attractive minimalistic spot patterns. Also known as the 'sand dollar cactus'. It has an attractive round growth shape, with varying amounts of white spots depending on the particular specimen.

R140 incl. VAT

Rebutia arenacea

Rebutia arenacea is a small, solitary globe-shaped cactus with attractively shaped spines.

R150 incl. VAT

Gymnocalycium horstii

This globular cactus has attractively shaped spines that curve downward along the areoles. It is often called the ‘spider cactus’.

R120 incl. VAT

Astrophytum myriostigma ...

'Onzuka' has thick white 'spots' on its stem, far thicker than that of the original species. It becomes more intensely white with age.

R130 incl. VAT

Gymnocalycium anisitsii f. ...

This unique Gymnocalycium has a stem that contorts in on itself along the central growth point, giving it a jagged appearance.

R210 incl. VAT

San Pedro crested – ...

San Pedro cacti have blue-green stems, usually with 6-8 raised ribs running down the length of the stem. In the crested form, however, these ribs contort and multiply, giving rise to ‘brain’ like appearance.

R750 incl. VAT

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii f. ...

This Gymnocalycium, also known as the “Chin cactus”, has soft, brittle spines protruding from chin-like ridges. These particular specimens have striking colorful variegation covering portions of their stem surface.

R200 incl. VAT

Lophophora williamsii v. ...

Lophophora williamsii v. caespitosa, commonly known as the peyote, is a globose gray-green cactus divided into 5-6 hemispheres. They are thornless and have minute white tufts on the areoles.

R900 incl. VAT

Eriosyce pulchella

Eriosyce pulchella is also known as Neoporteria intermedia v. pulchella. It is dark purple in colour with pronounced ribs and black spines.

R120 incl. VAT

Lophophora williamsii – ...

Gray-green, non-clustering cactus that forms white hair on the areoles and growth point at maturity. Sharp-petalled pinkish-white flowers in spring.

R450 incl. VAT

Lophophora williamsii – ...

Gray-green, non-clustering cactus that forms white hair on the areoles and growth point at maturity. Sharp-petalled pinkish-white flowers in spring.

R350 incl. VAT

Sulcorebutia albissima

Sulcorebutia albissima is a small globular species with compact white thorns. It forms large amounts of bright pink-purple flowers in spring.

R70 incl. VAT

Ariocarpus fissuratus

This cactus is also known as a 'star rock' due to its shape. Ariocarpus fissuratus It a super rough leaf texture, and makes bright pink flowers.

R1,000 incl. VAT

- Fazlin C

I absolutely love my plants. Thank you so very much. I am saving for my next special plant!

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